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Vernaccia & Chianti dei Colli Senesi...

... the more representative union of Tuscany


Vernaccia and Chianti Colli Senesi, the most representative union of Tuscany

“an old peasant farm restored to the capabilities of a time"
"The Palagione is an ancient farm dating back to 1594, located along the scenic road that connects San Gimignano to Volterra.
The old farmhouse, located on top of the hill, is registered in the Land Registry as being of special historical value for its unchanged rural architectural characteristics. Until the middle of the last century the families of farmers who worked the surrounding land lived in it.
Chasing a dream, we decided to buy the property for reviving this important agricultural heritage.
In a short time, we renovated the old house and planted the land once planted with vines.
Later we built a winery equipped with the most modern equipment for processing grape respectfully and delicately, and an underground cellar for the best and natural conservation of wines in oak woods and a balanced refinement once bottled.
In the last decade the evolution of each process until we got to a totally organic production.
After the recent acquisition of other vineyards in the area of ​​Montagnana, the company has a land area of ​​approximately 40 hectares of which 17 are devoted to vineyards, 3 to olive grove, 7 with walnut and cherry orchard and the remaining arable land and woodland.

Since 1996 the change... And so we decided to change... Monica, Giorgio, Giulia, Gregorio e Gabrio

The road that brought us to Tuscany, was a busy road, traffic jams after traffic jams, a road where everything needs to be done keeping an eye on the clock and a foot on the throttle, a road where a sequence of buildings , shopping malls and asphalt gives only a glimpse of the opportunity of a green country.
... And so we decided to divert, to give us another chance, to find a place where the seasons leave a clear mark when they end, a place where the passage of time was evident in the changes of the sky, a land with a sweet and gentle landscape , where the colors explode in the summer sun and the scents are enhanced in the autumn mist.
With this dream in the heart we ventured for new paths, less comfortable and fast but able to gift time to those capable of enjoying what they have around: from a cyclamen to the heather or strawberry trees by the broom, from hedgehogs to deers. Hill after hill, we found what we were looking for.
Thus a new bond with the land, ancient at the same time, newly discovered.
The effort that every day the farmers’ work claims is reciprocated in abundance: every sense enjoys before the disarming simplicity of a bruschetta with the new oil or a genuine wine.


We wanted get hands dirty, we were tired of paper work.
We wanted not only to be artisans, more than that, we felt the need to shape a living material but first we wanted to be those who produced it.
We wanted to be able to live with the rhythms of nature, accepting the melancholy quietness in winter and then enjoying the explosion of the spring.
We wanted to repeat archaic gestures for the pleasure of feeling nature "inside" and not to be mere spectators: you cut with an eye to the next production, you collect firewood and dry for a few seasons and then burn it, cooking on it, and warming the old farmhouse.
We wanted to be uncomfortable, physically tired, but intellectually serene, intent on a project that would not see immediate results, but is aimed forward with a schedule dictated by nature.
We wanted to give the children the opportunity of a choice without conditions, without pressure, a conscious choice; they were used to the world of industry and services, it was now necessary to show them another life.
And having always loved the wine, the medieval history and Romanesque art, we could not have picked a better place in Tuscany.


The Vineyards
"The vineyards are located in two areas with different characteristics:
Palagione: Vineyards are located in the southernmost area of ​​the City of San Gimignano at an altitude varying from 250 to 350 meters above sea level. with predominant exposure mainly facing North East - East and South.
The predominant qualities are the Vernaccia di San Gimignano, Sangiovese and Prugnolo Gentile.
Geologically it is a typical area originated from a littoral environment; There are sand strata of the Upper Pliocene-rich large fossils, with pebbles, gravels and typical clays. The oldest areas are cavernous limestone of the Triassic.
Montagnana: Walking along the ancient Via Francigena through these vineyards, situated next to the walls of San Gimignano, the eye enjoys breathtaking views in every direction.
The altitude varies from 150 to 250 meters above sea level generally facing South / West.
The predominant qualities are the Vernaccia di San Gimignano, Sangiovese and Merlot.
The presence of a very considerable amount of fossils, together with Pliocene sands with ocher clay and pebbles bring us to a marine past of about 4-5 million years ago.

Not only bio ... for us every single vineyard is!

Since 2007 we apply organic rules and procedures to our olive groves and vineyards: there we came after long and elaborate evolution of our cultivation processes respecting nature and the quality target of the company.

Over the years a careful study of soil has been performed area by area of the property, i.e. a real "zoning" activity; we studied the climatic characteristics of each plot to select the type of grape better suited to that specific "micro-terroir". For example part of ancient clones of Vernaccia were planted in calcareous clay facing north-east to ensure freshness and aroma, Sangiovese and Prugnolo Gentile, in south-facing clay and pebbles rich soil to enhance the structure and elegance.

Since years we have dropped using synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, replacing the first with spontaneous or sown green manure and the second with natural products allowed by the organic directives. We have obtained a proper balance of the vineyards with a production proportionate to the capacity of each individual plant and balanced in the vegetation.

Each vineyard has a name and as each of them has its own characteristics for vine, exposure and nature of the soil, we manage and vinify harvested grapes separately to get what we believe to be the best expression of the territory for that year.

A careful study of maturation through analysis and repeated tastings set the time for harvesting grapes. The process is performed strictly by hand. The selection of the right time to bring grape to the cellar is the first and fundamental step to conduct spontaneous fermentation to maximize the characteristics and uniqueness of our wines.

White grapes are gently pressed after a short maceration on the skins; the must obtained ferments at a controlled temperature never exceeding 16 ° C, and then refines on fine lees with weekly batonnages.

Red grapes are fermented in temperature-controlled tanks of 26-28 ° C, by performing repeated pumping and amalgamated in the early stages of fermentation and then decreased with the approach of the racking which normally takes place after 15-20 days.

The following refinement both in wood and in the bottle, takes place at the underground cellar at a natural temperature and moisture.

Organic farminf since 2007 with ORGANIC CERTIFICATION FROM 2011.
Certification body BIOAGRICERT n. IT BIO 007 A34W

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