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An adventure driven by passion

In 1994, the year we started our business, the winery was managed by an old and respected family of viticulturalists who, over many generations, found themselves in a dramatic situation. The vineyard was in a terrible state, and Barbera d’Asti had acquired infamy due to counterfeiting and falsification. In spite of all this we were captured by the delicate beauty of the Asti hills and motivated by the desire to make wine. Furthermore, we were young and free and full of enthusiasm. We were convinced that in some way we would be able to make our dreams come true, this is how our adventure got started.

The Producer and Owner

In her former life, Renate Schutz, the owner, had a very different life: she got a degree in Philosophy and was the assistant to one of the most well known German philosophers. After an incredible chain of strange coincidences she fell in love with the delicate beauty of the Asti hills. She decided out of the blue to change her life and try out the power of  ideas herself - until then theoretical - another type of agriCULTURE which is not only good for our environment, but also produces an excellent product. With enthusiasm, tenacity and a pinch of eco-fundamentalism, she threw himself into the adventure not only to enhance its genius loci, but also to give back to nature the respect, thanks and devotion that it deserves. All of this transformed this piece of land into a working paradise.

Environment in harmony, better wine, a life choice

The Luna del Rospo, an organic winery in Agliano Terme in the Piedmont, is led by agronomists Renata Schutz and Michael Schaffer, with the support of winemaker Giuliano Noe and Beppe Rattazzo.
The company was founded in 1994. Since the beginning, attention has been given to a more complete biodiversity as alive as possible. In order to obtain high quality in the glass you need a synchronicity of many factors, among which care for the environment is a fundamental aspect.
The winery is located in the Asti province at Agliano Terme, the most important area for Barbera d’Asti production. Here, from these calcareous clayey soils with an under soil of quartz, traditionally the Barbera's are produced, elegantly and convincingly combining body, structure and fruity flavors.
Today La Luna del Rospo spans almost 8 hectares of vineyards, all cultivated following strict rules of organic and biodynamic farming.

The vineyards, all with vines older than forty years, alternate with and are surrounded by trees, bushes, plants and aromatic woods. This is not only a beautiful sight to see, but also more importantly it functions as shelter, protection and food for the friendly flora and fauna, that help to protect and care for the vine, to produce high quality and liveliness. The key point of this extraordinary scenario is an area of two hectares, totally uncultivated, dedicated to reserves of biodiversity in the middle of the vineyards, further enriching the harmony we aim for and giving life and protection to the environment and unique atmosphere.

All the grapes are grown according to the strictest organic farming methods, they are harvested, carefully selected by hand and placed in small baskets. Following is a light pressing with removal of the stems. Vinification takes place naturally without added yeasts to guarantee as authentic and natural a product as possible. In the process, the phases of the moon are followed and natural physical techniques are favored over chemical ones. All of this is done respecting a product that is as alive, healthy and typical as possible


Organic Certification: 1994 Certified by IST.MEDITERRANEO DI CERTIFICAZIONE -  Certification Entity authorized by MiPAAF IT BIO 003, Certifier n. B110


In our vineyards butterflies fly, birds twit and lizards have fun! All of this symbolically represents the flora and fauna that should distinguish bio-diversity as complete and alive as possible.
To obtain high quality in the glass a synchronicity of many environmental factors is necessary. Luna del Rospo gives these special attention from the beginning. Flowers, aromatic herbs, fruit bushes and lots of trees not only please the eye, but form a pleasing “rest stop” during the laborious days in the vineyard and above all supply useful organisms and nutritional substances in natural abundance.
The key point of this extraordinary ambition is an area of two hectares completely uncultivated and dedicated to reserves of bio-diversity, in the middle of the vineyards that further enriches the delicate environmental harmony working on the vineyard in a harmonic way.

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